Cell Phones

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Destiny Hewett
605 Arrowhead Trl.
Warner Robins, GA 31088

Dear Supervising Teacher,
It is the children and their parents who deserve the very best teacher every year of their study. I am confident that my interest in teaching and assisting you in your classroom will be very significant. I will contribute to the childcare and educational needs with no limitations.

There are many strengths that I will bring with my internship. I am a much focused student. I am very privileged to have the technology skills to help better your student’s education. I have a lot of experience with childcare from working in my church’s nursery and being a childcare provider to children of all ages. I am great under stress. Along with my skills, I will bring creative, positive energy to your classroom. I am certain that my internship in your classroom will be a very life-changing experience for you, your students, and of course, myself.

I strongly believe that each student is entitled to an enriching education, respect, and their own personal opinions. My goal is to help students achieve their inner strengths, abilities and activities that truly inspire them. I aim to provide a very stimulating learning environment for every child. I will also work very hard in gaining coworkers’ and parents’ respect throughout the year. I will make sure that each parent knows that his/her child is safe with me every day during my internship.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Destiny Hewett
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