Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Human, Telephone Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Shane Green

Our world has experiences many changes one of the most influential changes is the invention of cell phones. Have you ever imagined the world without the use of cell phones? Cells phones allow people to communicate with each other anywhere in the world no matter what time it may be. The idea of cell phones is not new to the human race; it primarily started in the year of 1947 when it was used mainly for military operations. It was a man by the name of Doctor Martin Cooper who invented the first cell phone on April 3, 1973. The invention of cell phones has completely changed the way people communicate as well as convenience, speed and the quality of connection. The cell phone is the most important invention of my generation because it demonstrates the use of communication, speed and connection. The use of cell phones has made communication more convenience than ever before in our generation. Regardless of where you are in the world the use of cell phones can connect you with friends and family and any given time of the day. Communication can come in to play when someone for example is stranded in the streets because their car broke down, we can simply pick up our phones and call for help weather it’s a friends or family member. In the past many people use letters, telegrams or messengers to send messages to one another, which can take up to days or hours to receive. With the use of cell phones we can communicate with others within minutes and that’s what makes this invention so important to our generation. Speed gives us the opportunity to connect much faster through communication than it was in the past. Because news travels so fast, Networking is a living and vibrant thing in our society today. Through the use of communication and ease, networks are allowed to grow more complex and large through our generation. Not only speed gives us good communication it gives us a faster way for roam the internet whether it’s to be social or doing...
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