Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Human, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: March 9, 2013

A cell phone is the biggest invention of this century. It changed our lives dramatically and nothing is the same anymore. Especially combining computer and phone made such a different world for everyone. The reason for the invention was to help us communicating easily, but in my opinion it also causes us to cut off communication between people. First of all, we became virtual humans because we are constantly texting and using social media on our phones, we also start having virtual friends as well. Of course it’s easier to express our good or bad feelings without seeing each other, but we need to find out how healthy this is. Human beings needs to share emotions and learn how to communicate with each other as a human not as a robot in order to develop healthy relations in their lives. In addition, child development gets affected negatively. Nowadays, every kid has a cell phone even though they’re very young. They prefer to text to their friends or play with their phones. In reality, kids need to learn how to play and talk with their friends. This is the way how to learn sharing, how to learn to have a discussion and agreement. We get all this kinds of habits when we are young so it’s very important to put a limit of using the cell phone for our kids. It should also be noted that cell phones affect our health negatively as well. Studies show that electromagnetic waves cause disturbance in sleep, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, and headache. They increase the resting blood pressure and reduce the production of melatonin; also they are implicated in DNA strand breaks and it may cause lung cancer. Even though we are all aware of these negative sides we don’t know how we lived before cell phones. Definitely, it makes our lives easier. It’s easy to reach each other especially if you are far away from your parents and friends. However, we lived before cell phones; everybody found the way to see and to talk to each other and we had our meetings...
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