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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Jubelle Manalo
Persuasive Essay
Journal #9

Dear Principal,
Technologies are getting high-tech. Everyone wants to have the latest gadgets like cell phones. As cell phones improved, more features are added that causes some problems to some school systems. Allowing students to have their phone in school has been debated over the years. Many school systems have adopted a policy that bans cell phones on school ground in which I support.

Cell phones can interrupt class discussions. For instance, students often forget to turn off their cellphones in class which lead distractions to teachers and fellow students. This interruption can take away some of their time in learning their lessons which can lead to discussing a different topic. Some students purposely interrupt a class with their phones but without them having it, they cannot use it for distractions.

Next, it will be easier for students to pass notes in class because of texting and other social networking sites. They could easily use their phones for cheating. For example, my classmate in my Spanish class always brings his phone every day to class. I was so curious on why he kept getting high grades in test when he doesn’t even do his home works. One time when we had a test, I saw him translating the Spanish sentences on his phone which could be the reason on why he kept on getting high grades.

The scariest reason on why I opposed having phones in school is because of the recent Rutgers controversy regarding bullying. There’s a student from Rutgers University named Tyler Clementi who committed suicide by jumping to the George Washington Bridge. His roommate posted a video of him kissing another man to twitter and sending it to his friends that made Tyler decide to end his life. With these high-tech gadgets especially cellphone, many people’s lives could be in danger. It is never wrong to try something new for safety of the students. The hassle and distractions of what cellphones can bring and any...