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The impact that had the most significant consequences on Asia by Europe during the 19th century was the Opium war and trade treaties. The Opium wars and trade treaties were forced upon Asia by Europe because at the time Europe’s goal was to gain land, extend their power, spread influence, and increase economic opportunities. This is also know as European imperialism which is the broad impact Europe had on Asia overall. Since China and Japan had a history of not getting too involved with foreign relations Europe had limits on trade and trading certain goods with them. The pressure from Europe was intense as Europe tried to get Japan and China open trade with them. This pressure is what finally resulted in the Opium Wars. These wars specifically occurred because China tried to block opium trade in India. This is important because at the time Britain was in control of India, therefore it led to military force. Britain won and forced China to open up even more ports to trade with other European nations, and allow Europe to import Opium. The trade treaties that China had with Europe were the Treaty of Nanjing and the Treaty of Tianjin, which also legalized trade. The imperialism impact Europe had on Japan had to do with trade as well. Japan was a little more open to trade than China had been, but during the 19th century Europe forced Japan to open up trade even more. Japan felt obligated to sign trade treaties with Europe as China did out of fear of military force rather than having to go through wars as china had. The impact of imperialism on Japan also had one other large consequence differing from China which was Japan started to adopt Europe military organization and education because they wanted to become a major power as well. Throughout Asia, specifically in China and

Japan, the impact of European Imperialism resulted in many changes and consequences for the country. The biggest impact Europe had on the Americas during the 19th century was the industrial...

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