Cell Phone Usage While Driving

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Melanie Hendricks
Dean Kelly
EH 1302
09 March 2010
Cell Phone Usage While Driving
Cell phones have grown in popularity enormously in the last twenty years. Having a cell phone has become a necessity for twelve year olds to senior citizens. Cell phones are the most widely used device of communication for Americans. Not only are cell phones used for talking, but also many cell phones have capabilities to do everything that a computer can do. Due to the increasing popularity and ever changing technological developments, cell phone usage has increased while operating a motorized vehicle. Using a cell phone while operating a motorized vehicle would be fine, if it was not dangerous.

Driving alone can be a dangerous action within itself. When cell phones are added to the equation, the danger factor is raised significantly. Anything that distracts a driver from focusing on driving can pose a potential threat. Drivers assume that they can multitask while driving. Cell phones are a necessity to American society. Drivers feel as if they have the right to use their phone when and where they want. Why do drivers willingly put their lives and others at risk? It is impossible for drivers to have total focus on driving if they are using their cell phones. Matt Richtell addressed some of the issues of cell phone usage while operating a motorized vehicle in his article “Safety Group to Call for Ban on Texting While Driving”: Studies show that motorists who send or receive a text message have a tendency to take their eyes off the road for five seconds to do so. That is enough time for their car to travel more than the length of a football field at highway speeds. […] Studies show that drivers who talk on the phone are four times likelier to crash than those who are not on the phone. But regulating or legislating against talking on cell phones while driving is likely to be less popular with the public than bans on texting, according to legislators around...
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