Cell Phone Usage in School Should Be Banned

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Kaitlyn Sebastian
Cell Phone Usage in School

In a Wireless survey, it has been said that 91% of Americans use a cell phone. These devices have majorly advanced within the years and can be used for many things. Although cell phones have many great and convenient features, their usage in school should be banned because teens ignore the enforced rules, it can be used to cheat, and most have a camera feature that can be used to take inappropriate pictures of others. Teens these days are very “rebellious” in my opinion. Most don’t like being told what to do and like to be independent. So, when they know that there are rules in school against having cell phones around with you throughout the day, they ignore them because they always think they will never get caught. Teens can be very sneaky with what they do and can hide things easily. They know that the worst that can happen is having their phone taken away for the rest of the school day and then getting it back after. Some schools could enforce the rule all day but, “Kids kind of roll their eyes, and I’m sure they have it out again 10 or 15 feet down the hall,” high school teacher Ed Stried remarked. Many schools allowed to have their phones collected in the beginning of the day and then at assigned times, students are able to use their cell phones, like during Study Hall, or lunch break. Many have found this unsuccessful because kids ignore it and can pretend that they did not have a cell phone on them and hide them through the day, sending texts or pictures. Teachers should not allow this because it can be such a distraction. Their phones should be checked and kept in their locker until school is over. Taking pictures brings me to my next point. Many new phones today have a built in camera feature that allows people to easily take a “quick-pic” anytime without bringing a whole different device, such as a digital camera. Despite its handy uses, this cool feature can be used inappropriately....
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