Cell-Phone Network Technologies: 3g

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Cell-phone Network Technologies: 3G
3-G is the third generation of mobile phone standards & technology, which succeeded 2-G mobile technology.It is the latest in mobile communications. 3G technology is intended for the true multimedia cell phone -- typically called smartphones -- and features increased bandwidth and transfer rates to accommodate Web-based applications and phone-based audio and video files.

3G networks have potential transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps (about 15 seconds to download a 3-minute MP3 song). For comparison, the fastest 2G phones can achieve up to 144Kbps (about 8 minutes to download a 3-minute song). 3G's high data rates are ideal for downloading information from the Internet and sending and receiving large, multimedia files. 3G phones are like mini-laptops and can accommodate broadband applications like video conferencing, receiving streaming video from the Web, sending and receiving faxes and instantly downloading e-mail messages with attachments.

Because of the technological advancements, 3G cell phones are also capable of streaming TV shows, radio shows, and using the WiFi.

Therefore,3G is a cell phone network protocol.

Cell Phone Generations - Advantage of 3G network over 1G and 2G

In this world of latest technology, every new generation comes up with something new, different, and unique than the older generation. The 2G technology was nowhere near up to the job, so the industry began to work on the next generation of technology known as 3G. that is also commonly called as third generation cell phones. NTT DoCoMo in Japan began operating 3G networks in 2001. In the field of communications, 3G has come up has the hottest thing not only because of its advancement from its earlier versions but also due to its benefits and advantages over 1G and 2G generations of cellular communications. ADVANTAGES OF 3G:

* The third generation is characterized by convergence of data and voice with the wireless Internet. In...
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