Cell Phone in Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Better Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: February 19, 2013
In modern life, cell phone is an indispensable tool to all people. To everyone, a cell phone is a magic tool, which is a mean of telecommunication, an entertainment device and a great work supporter. To me, I cannot imagine how I can live without my phone.

The basic function of a cell phone is to connect people. We use our cell phones to communicate with the other ones. For example, we can talk to parents and send our love to them in a thousand mile away in a second. We can help people who are in an emergency with a finger. Or simply, we can gather our friends to hang out have fun with easy calls or texts. A cell phone is a magic tool, which can help us contact people only with a hand.

Moreover, a cell phone is an excellent tool we need for our studying and business. At school, some applications of cell phone help us solving the problems in class. For example, we can record the lectures of professors in class and watch his lecture again at home in order to better understand the knowledge, or when applying knowledge, we can take some pictures in the lab class to observe our lab results better. At work, our cell phones can be a USB to store data, or a mini computer to send our report, and even a small portable computer to surf the Internet, which is essentially important to every businessman. A cell phone is vital to an entrepreneur or a student‘s career.

Finally, another advantage of cell phones is to entertain. In our cell phones, we can store our favorite songs to listen to when feeling sad, videos and pictures of our beloved ones to view when we miss them, which makes us happier. We can also play games in our cell phones, helping us burning off stress and starting to feel happy again. Without cell phones, our life would be much less enjoyable. For instance, your best friend is upset about problems of her or his family. You can comfort her or him by your favorite songs, and then look for something fun, like game or funny video to relax. With a cell...
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