Cell Phone Essay

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Distraction Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Potential to make things right

“I wake up in the morning as my cell phone goes off, Jordan’s texting me “It’s time to get up!” Up in a hurry I’m out the door, I made it to class with one minute to spare. Where are my books they couldn’t be home? I remember my cell phone I’ll just give my mom a text. We fiddle, we misuse, we distract, we tardy. Why can’t I just have my phone always? We sit behind our desks pretending to pay attention but whose fault is that the teachers or ours? We want, we crave for society’s technology this can be useful for anyone’s priority. Projects and homework and 3G’s network it can make it easy to search up many questions for you. From tardy to disrespect if given the right we’d have the potential to make things right.”

From the dawn of time schools have always been strict about cellphones, even when it was an emergency. Cell phones have become a part of the modern life and we should embrace them as a learning tool instead of banning them.

Most high school students have cell phones so why can’t this be used to a teachers advantage? Teachers should accommodate student’s cell phones in their teaching. If we allowed cell phone usage in class it gives students the ability to access internet when they can’t get a computer in that period to look up their information or questions.

Ultimately the fact that cell phones can be distracting if they are allowed in class but think of the same distraction of sitting next to a class mate, many problems come with that wherever the student sits. Whether it applies to all or many, it’ll always going to be a distraction that will exist in school.

Cell phones should be allowed in classrooms it gives parents a sense of relief and safety knowing that their children have a cell phone on them in case of any emergency, parents are able to contact their children and there is no other way of doing it better.

Cell phones are a great way of getting across to people, technology is only going to...
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