Cell Phone Effects on Life

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  • Published : September 28, 2008
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Technology has had such an influential impact on the way we function in our personal and professional lives. Whether it be e-mailing, faxing, or getting lost in our own little world with our ipod. Though we have had many technological advances over the years, there is one that I feel stands out above the rest and that is the cell phone. This one device has improved our lives in so many ways like being able to communicate with people at anytime, checking e-mails, and texting. It has also negatively impacted our lives in that it has been proven to increase the chances of getting cancer, some people feel lost without their cell phones and can not pay attention when using them which could and has ultimately caused death.

Everywhere you go, you can see people on their cell phones. It has become a way of life. Many people have been stuck behind that person who is consistently going 10 miles below the speed limit and applying the brake for apparently no reason. When you get the opportunity to pass them you see a cell phone up to their ear. This is very common and has been the cause of thousands of accidents across the country. Just recently the state of New Jersey has made it a law that people can not use hand held cell phones while driving (Star Ledger Feb.27 2008). But by making this law will it make the roads safer? According to Russ Radar who is a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for highway safety, “the research is there’s no difference in the level of distraction between using handheld and hands free phones.” The New Jersey police reported over 3,500 accidents involving cell phones in 2006. Among those accidents, the number involving hands free and handheld phones were evenly split 1,854 to 1,726 (Star Ledger 2008).

Not only do people use their cell phone while driving, they also use it while walking down the street, in the store, even in the bathroom. All of this cell phone use not only has an impact on your monthly bill but on your health as well. A man...
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