Cell Phone Boom or Bane

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Cell phones are one of the biggest boons humanity ever had. Cell phone usage has become a part of everyone’s life.Has it happened that you forgot the cell phone at home while going out and so feeling like handicapped? Is there's a feeling that you're missing something. Then don't worry

“Welcome to the world of cell phone addiction!”

Human life has become so easy with the invention of Cell phones. The information needs just a minute or a second to get communicated to the other resource. The best thing is Cell phones are not just about phone calls, can do messaging, can watch video, can listen to songs, can play games, have an alarm clock and it goes on. The most important is great help in emergency. Commercially, It is used as medium for the advertisement of products as almost everyone have a cell phone.

Source: Cell phone and BTS
As said,

“If something is of great utility, it will surely have its own problems as well”


“Every coin has two sides.”

Cell phones are no exception. Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range and so produce a type of radiation which is non ionizing radio frequency i.e. a form of energy located on the electromagnetic spectrum. The fixed infrastructure like sites or BTS (base transceiver station) in layman language the tower which we see at some location used by different telecom operators also emit radiation.This are more harmful because unlike mobile handsets, it is emitted continuously and with more power. Nothing can be done for the fixed infrastructure but definitely prevention can be taken for the harm caused by the radiation from the handsets.

Recently WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that use of cell phones are carcinogenic to humans and may lead to brain cancer. Although predictions that cell phones may affect the heart, sperm count in men, breast cancer in women and mental stress is not yet proved.

Source: headphone type

Source: bluetooth device

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