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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Cell phones nowadays have become symbol of independence – for our youth that mobile phone helps them to develop their own language and social groups away from the prying eyes of their parents. It has become Status Symbol or what people say Fashion statement – It is a way that people wear their phone in a style, color, cost and features and feel that a phone can enhance their looks. Although mobile phones have long been a part of the business community, they are quietly becoming entrenched in personal lives. Cell phones play a crucial role in relationships among a group of young people, Mobile phones also influence the trend toward relaxing the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage. Cell phone is also in the use of people who are working 24/7 environment and always remain on the go. It is privacy and not mobility that matters. Most youth have cell phone conversations in their bedroom. Lets have a look on few needs of new breed (Youth) that have been forcing them to get addicted to this cell phone night packages, the need to make their identity and to build “social and emotional ties”. The shrinking size of present day families explain why the youth today feel the need to communicate with virtual brothers and sisters. Youngsters have been using cell phones to form friendships and social groups away from their families, feeling that these phones give them privacy that they would not otherwise have. As cell phone use becomes even more widespread, communication between parents and their kids may become even more impersonal. The saying “romance is in the air” appears to be true. In today’s world, it is mobile phones which are carrying the messages of love. Youngsters are using mobile phones to maintain personal and romantic relationships. Grabbing our new generation, these free night packages services provided by our Cellular Companies have become a great pleasure/encouragement to people like who aren’t responsible at all, it seems they are announced...
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