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TITLE: Why Banning Cell Phones while Driving Should be Mandatory Nationwide A. To persuade people not to use their phones while driving B. That we should ban phone usage while driving and make it Nationwide C. Cell phones are very common now a day. Everyone have one from young to old. They can be very useful until we get behind the wheel and try to use it the same time you are diving. So banning cell phone usage a nationwide thing should be a good thing. I. The numbers are steady rising of death related to cell phone use behind the wheel. Teenager’s deaths are raising everyday due to texting behind the wheel. A. It distracts us while driving.

B. Lawmakers should do more to make it a nationwide ban.
C. We should convince our peers to put the phone down while driving. II. Cell phone usage is still legal in 11 states. It is not just teens who do it adults also. A. Being distracted while driving is becoming National.

1. Being distracted while driving causes accidents every day. 2. While playing with your phone behind the wheel you’re more likely to miss your light, swerve into the next lane, run lights or have accidents. B. Lawmakers need to consider how to prevent accidents.

1. The NSC estimates 1.6 million accidents involving drivers using their phones behind the wheel. 2. Drivers agree that phone usage behind the wheel is unacceptable and needs to be banned. C. Some states have banned the use of cell phones and are required to use hands free devices. 1. Some states have it where bus drivers, novice, and commercial drivers are not allowed to have any devices where some states you still use hand held. 2. There are only nine states who band hand held devices.

I. Banning the use of cell phones while driving should not be taking lightly. It should be as important as somebody being drunk behind the wheel.
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