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Topics: Color, Red, Green Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: March 24, 2013
My favorite color is white. It’s a symbol for peaceful. white color is nothing but a without color. It seems cool. We can reduce the any of the bright colors to light colors by adding them white color. not only me most of the people in the world likes white color only....bec'z we can see the white color every where in the world, every where in our surroundings unlike other colors.

My favourite colour is Red.
Because Red is the color that we pay the most attention to. It is the warmest and most energic color in the spectrum.We associate red with love, valentines, danger, desire, speed, strength, violence, anger, emergency exit signs, stop signs and blood. Red can evoke a fight-or-flight response, raise blood pressure and make the heart beat faster.Red would not be the color of choice for psychiatric wards, prisons or a hospital.In China red symbolizes celebration and luck, used in many cultural ceremonies that range from funerals to weddings.In India red is the color of purity (used in wedding outfits).

My favourite color is Green.
I like everything around me to be green colour.Green is one of most-often cited favorite colors. It represents nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune. "Its cool quality soothes, calms, and has great healing powers." It is often worn in operating rooms by surgeons. Green colour is the favour of Islam.green colour can give coolness to the eyes.For the above said reasons i like green colour very much.

Today, i’m going to tell u guys about my favorite color- white, and I think a lot of people like this color, too.  Why? because white represents peaceful, cold, silent, innocent and also romantic, etc,  that adjectives are also my personality( except for the romantic), it also make me feel something that I cannot describe by word, something that really peaceful, and silent.  But many people think this color is kind of boring, and empty....
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