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Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Cellular network Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Nowadays cellphone is very popular over the world. It satisfies high demands of people for communication. It has a lot of good effects/influences on our society. We can not deny that cellphones brings us many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

Above all, we have to mention the advantages of cellphone. It helps people to overcome the obstacles of space to be able to communicate easily and effectively and enjoy many kinds of entertainment. The first advantage of cellphones is that (is to keep ) people can keep in contact with each other wherever and whenever. Even when you are not at home or are out of the office, others still can contact you. This advantage is very useful in emergency situations, for example, when you get lost or have an accident, you can call others for help immediately. It also contributes to enhance relationship among people. With cellphones, we are able to keep in touch together despite a long distance. Another advantage of cellphone is entertainment function. Nowadays, there are a lot of great progress in cellphone, so you can use a modern cellphone not only to communicate but also to entertaining such as surfing the Internet, taking or sending photos, listening to music, downloading films and playing interesting games online. It is very valuable for busy people having no free time to go to entertainment centers to relax. With these cellphone’s advantages, it becomes the best friend of people. Although it is true that people are getting a number of advantages from the cellphone, this communication device also has several disadvantages. Firstly, if you use cellphone so much, it will produces radiation which is harmful to people’s health like brain cancer and it even causes fires at petrol stations. Secondly, someone is addicted to cellphone. They spend most of their time chatting, playing games, and neglecting all the things around them. Depending too much on cellphone can limit social interaction and make people less...
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