Cell Compared to a Hospital

Topics: Cell, Endoplasmic reticulum, Cytosol Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 19, 2013
A Cell Compared to a HospitalCameron Browne
The main organelle is the nucleus. I think the nucleus is like the hospital administration because the nucleus is the core of the cell that handles everything, and the hospital administration handles everything that goes on in the hospital. Without the “cores” for both the hospital and the cell, neither could properly functions. The nucleolus is the center of the nucleus, and it basically sends out all of the other organelles that work within the cell. I compared the nucleolus to the hospital's CEO, who is the main person in the administration. He rules the whole administration, therefore, he is the grand master and without him the organelles/hospital staff would not know where to be to do their jobs. The cytosol is the main liquid, where all of the organelles are positioned. I compared this to the actual hospital building, because though the building is not a liquid, it is where all of the people are "positioned," or where they all work. The centrioles are rings of 9 groups of microtubules. They are part of the cytoskeleton. They help make the cell expand. I compared this to the architects and construction workers who expand the hospitals. Centrosomes are made up of centrioles, and they are even bigger on cell expansion. I compared them to the planning committee that discusses expansion of the hospital, because they are ones who plan on how they are going to follow through with the expansions. The cell's Golgi transports important "packages" all around the cell, sending out important information. I related this to the hospital's mail department, and the series of pneumatic tubes spread throughout the hospital, because the mail department is where things are packaged up to be sent to and throughout the hospital, and the pneumatic tubes send things to other parts of the cell. The lysosome kills all of the bad bacteria so that it can't infect the cell. I compared this to the hospital incinerator, because the...
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