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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Use the words to match the function of the following organelles.    |M___ Membrane separating the contents of the nucleus from the rest of the cell |a. cilia | |J___ Protein synthesis |b. microtubules | |L___ Helps in animal cell division |c. lysosomes | |E___ Contains DNA |d. mitochondria | |N___ Regulates what enters and exits the cell |e. nucleus | |D___ Converts food into useable energy |f. cytoplasm | |N___ Lipid formation and protein modification |g. cell membrane | |C___ Hydrolysis of old cell parts |h. golgi apparatus | |A___ Functions as part of the cytoskeleton |i. vacuole | |F__ Transport of materials through the cell  |j. ribosomes | | |k.nucleolus | | |l. centriole | | |m. nuclear membrane | | |n. endoplasmic reticulum |

1. Confirm your understanding of cell specialization by listing six systems in the human body and naming at least one specialized cell found in each system. Nervous system - neurons
Digestive system –...
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