Celibacy and the Catholic Church Even though I was born

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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Celibacy and the Catholic Church Even though I was born and raised of the Catholic Faith, I still disagree with some of the traditions that the Catholic faith practices. One tradition in particular that I disagree with is the requirement of priests to remain celibate after entering the priesthood. I believe requiring priests to remain celibate after entering the priesthood is morally wrong because celibacy can be a role in the sexual abuse of children, the future priests are not given adequate time and circumstances to make a rational decision on whether or not they are ready to become celibate, tradition is not a good enough reason for the requirement of celibacy, the future priests have to choose between family and church, priests would not be good spiritual leaders for women, men, and married individuals especially if they needed sexual guidance; and celibacy is a violation of "The Natural Law Theory." There are many traditions that the Catholic faith no longer practices anymore because of the changing times. I believe that of those traditions no longer practiced, celibacy is just as immoral. A textbook definition of celibacy is: The state of being unmarried and total abstinence of sex.

I conducted an interview with Psychologist Dr. Ricketts. I asked Dr. Ricketts if celibacy could have played a role in the Catholic Priests sexually abusing children and she said that it was possible.

She spoke with me about celibacy and the priesthood. She said, "All animals (including human beings) are all born sexual beings and need that attention; they need to feel physical touch and physical love from another. Absent the physical contact all human beings must feel can cause stress." She also goes on to explain that the most common class of sexual predators that target children are people dealing with stress because sexual intercourse can comfort the stress that individual is feeling (Ricketts).

I believe that obviously remaining celibate in the priesthood can be...
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