Celebrity Exploitation

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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No to Celebrity Exploitation
Celebrities have been the eye-candy for mostly all walks of life. Many look up to celebrities whether it’s because of their beauty, talent, and or their accomplishments in life. Because of those reasons, celebrity culture has become one of our national obsessions. We feel the need to know every single thing that happens with all the famous stars, and have no problem invading their personal space. The paparazzi make celebrities feel like they’re a moving target – even when they’re not in public. They shouldn’t need to feel like that. Celebrities should be entitled to live without paparazzi exploitation, because at the end of the day, being a celebrity is just a job. They are people, too, and they are not entitled to entertain us with their private lives. There are many celebrities who have their privacy breached, and one of the recent celebrities to be exploited would be Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has always been in the spotlight from the very beginning: to every event she has attended, her wedding, and now, her honeymoon – which was supposed to be personal. Tabloids everywhere published bottomless pictures of Kate Middleton, while she was on her second honeymoon with her husband. I feel the paparazzi have gone TOO far, with breaching one’s privacy. Is it really necessary to take pictures of people naked (yes, celebrities are people, too), without their consent? Kate Middleton has always been a huge role model for many people around the world, and to have the paparazzi try to degrade her image by exposing her personal body parts to the world is not right. Yes, she’s royalty, but she’s still human. I doubt any of you would like to have pictures of you naked leak out all over the internet without your permission. Before the bottomless scandal of Kate Middleton, there was another celebrity, which in my opinion, shouldn’t have been harassed the way she has gotten for her actions. Kristen Stewart, a very well-known...
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