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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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For this summary, an advertisement is extracted from the magazine titled Mingguan Wanita, March issue. The advertisement is about promoting local makeup product named Ronasutra Mineral Makeup. This advertisement on Ronasutra displays a picture of a Malaysian artist in a nature scenery, smiling flawlessly and intensifying her beauty. At the side of the picture is the image of the makeup product alongside with its information whereas on the bottom of the advertisement is the contact information of the company. This advertisement by itself gives a clear gestalt of what message the advertiser aimed to convey.

1. Product information and its target market

Ronasutra is a range of mineral based cosmetic that is created to meet the needs of consumers today who are looking for an alternative to the usual face makeup available in the market today. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for problematic and sensitive skin. With formulation that are safety-conscious and free from harsh chemicals, those with sensitive skin will get relief from blemishes, excessive skin oiliness and congested skin once they switch to Ronasutra (www.ronasutra.com).

Their target market focused on female who are aged above 18 because this is the age when the skin is mature enough to handle chemicals from products. Geographically, they are catering the Asians as the product is exclusively formulated to suit ethnic skin tones, free from blueish and pasty undertones and also been made suitable for humid and hot weather. Wheras psychographically, they are catering the demanding needs of women today especially the artists and celebrities who tend to have tight schedule.

2. Promotion objectives

As the products are already introduced to the market for years, the purposes of advertising then could be to remind and persuade customers to opt for their product when considering a product of the same or relevant category, to create primary demand that is...