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Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Mental disorder, Psychopathy Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Psychological disorders have become rampant in the modern age. People with psychological disorders live all around us. Even you may be subject to a simple and unnoticeable disorder. Some on the other hand, cannot help but fulfill the sick and disturbing thoughts that reside in their minds. They engage in inhumane behavior that, although wrong, contributes to psychological understanding and research, opening doors to new theories. These people live among us, and can be unleashed at any time. One of these people is Jesse Harding Pomeroy. Although he killed only two people, he tortured many others in gruesome fashions, and deriving some sort of sexual thrill from the ordeal he put them through. Jesse Pomeroy had antisocial personality disorder, or sociopathology, a disorder in which its victim shows purposeless and irrational antisocial behavior, lack of conscience, and emotional vacuity. Sociopaths are thrill seekers, literally fearless. Punishment rarely works, because they are impulsive by nature and fearless of the consequences. Incapable of having meaningful relationships, they view others as fodder for manipulation and exploitation.

An interesting fact about Jesse Pomeroy is the fact that he committed these atrocities at the age of 14. This can go to show how environmental factors can also play a part in triggering sociopathic behavior. Jesse was beaten savagely by his drunkard of a father, Charles Pomeroy. He would strip his children naked before a beating, in the process helping Jesse forge a link between sexual satisfaction, pain and punishment (truTV, 2012). Jesse used the same tactics to torture his victims. Jesse began by torturing animals. His mother found two dead birds whose heads had been twisted off and therefore did not allow anymore pets.

Antisocial personality disorder is accompanied with impulsive and uninhibited behaviors, low anxiety, and little to no concern with social rewards. But make no mistake, antisocial personality disorder...
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