Celebrity Culture

Topics: Adolescence, Celebrities, Scientific celebrity Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Celebrity Culture

Celebrity culture is recognized today as the popularization of certain individuals that have characteristics which may or may not be authentic, but society views as exceptional. Today’s stars do not really need to have an admirable talent or virtue to be known throughout the world. These idols are now able to gain worldwide coverage through common celebrity magazines and accepted television shows due to self-promotion or unethical behaviour. The celebrity culture always has and always will have an impact and influence on society. Celebrities are constantly in the media and have become role models for adolescents and teenagers. The adolescent minds in the current generation is becoming more deviated from picturing the world as a whole and is more focused on their own “bubbles” where anything in that bubble must directly relate and affect them. The most noticeable impact is on their views towards beauty, sexualisation or sexual development, and health.

Beauty, in a typical teenager vocabulary, has been narrowly transformed into a young, symmetrical, skin-and-bone, tanned woman or man swishing back and forth their gorgeous hair and smiling their perfect teeth. Commercials featuring these celebrities give an impression of “if you want life and happiness” be like me and buy these products. Teens are misunderstanding that they are more than the sum of their possessions and salaries, more than the sum of their appearance and image, and more than the sum of their achievements and failures because of what they are seeing and everyone else is seeing through the media.

More and more of teenagers are being affected by the sexualisation of girls according to mental health experts. A research on analyzing the effects of virtually every form of media from music lyrics to video games showed an effect that young girls are succumbing to the pressure of sexualisation by posting naked pictures of themselves on the internet or allowing boyfriends to take...
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