Celebrity Culture

Topics: Human rights, Mass media, Control Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: March 9, 2013
To maintain ethical and professional standards. When left alone the media can be a poison unleashed on the masses. The media are THE 4TH ESTATE and are in essence the watch dog for society and this light the media have a huge responsibility and duty to proceed. However, they should largely have stake in the control but be weary of propagandist and unequivocal reporting. The other concern is with media ownership which is wanting. The fact is that many are owned by political leaders as is the case here in Kenya. This also brings about propaganda reporting. Government & media:

As we know, the media plays is an important role in the modern live. The traditional media is a kind of social communication including films, images, music, spoken word and writing. It can be spread by televisions, newspapers and radios. However, in modern time people can easily communicate by more kinds of media tools such as mobile phones and computers because of the development of technology. The media has a big influence on our live. Nobody will doubt the modern media takes people to a new world where people can be closer to each other. On the other hand, it is also a dangerous thing because new kinds of criminals appears. These criminals have attracted people's attention to discuss about whether the media should be controlled by government or not. Some people support the government to control the media. Firstly, the government is responsible to keep the teenagers to grow in a healthy environment which might be harmed by the modern media. Because the widely spread of information technology, people can get numerous information without any difficulties through the internet. For example, in Japan, adult movie are legal and they are available on TV channels, it’s quite harmful for young people, then if you can watch TV in the U.S it is easy for you to watch extremely violence shows, such as the WWE and the UFC. Also, the teenager is a group of the users and they are easier to be affected....
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