Celebrity Culture

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In class today we focused on academic writing and discussed how to write a good academic essay. Home they say it’s not built in a day. By this saying it means to excel in something the answer is practice, practice and practice. Practice makes perfect. But at the end of the day, we still underestimate ourselves considering our work is not good enough and wonder what makes essays better than the others. The lesson made me to realise that academic language is not a sort of language that flows off our tongue and rather not a type of language that are rarely used when speaking to our friends. Often still it is not a kind of language that we understand. It is simply the kind of language that one spends hours on the computer to try to turn something simple into something that sounds moderately impressive with elist results. Academic writing to me is a sort of struggle but I still have to wrestle with it and enjoy it. As I have written earlier on that practice makes perfect so it is with sports, singing, and dancing. e.c.t To be good at all these things we must practice to achieve a brilliant result.

Furthermore, everyone fears writing so that stops us from writing because before writing we must know what we will be writing about but sometimes it does not work like that. But we must write before we know so that it will not put us off writing and one will not have to wait endlessly until it’s the deadline before starting to write. This goes further to explain writing to learn’ When writing starts, it helps the writer to know more about what it’s been written and that makes the writer to learn more about the given topic .After this we did a writing activity about free writing in which each person in class was asked to put two sheet of paper in front of them. The first paper was to be written on and the second to comment the reason for not writing. This activity lasted for 10 minutes and at first I was confused and do not understand the question instantly but along the...
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