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Celebrity Cruises

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Huizenga School of Business &Entrepreneurship

Assignment for OPS 5095

Submitted to: Dr. Dr. Arvind Gudi

Submitted by: Ralph Gagerie

Date of Submission: 11/02/12

Title of Assignment: Celebrity Cruises Case

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Celebrity Cruises: A Taste of Luxury

Executive summary
Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1989, by a Greek company, which originally started as a shipping business. In its earlier years Celebrity Cruise Lines began with 3 ships and quickly expanded to 6. In 1997, they merged with Royal Caribbean, unprecedented in its time as the largest merger in its industry. They currently run as two separate entities while being one company.

Celebrity Cruise lines focus was on creating a premium brand by offering an upscale experience while paying an intelligent price. Fifty percent of its patrons were reoccurring, and would go back and forth between both mass and luxury markets. The mission of CCL was to create a rare value proposition using rejuvenation, enrichment and connection. Rejuvenation on CCL was primarily all about atmosphere of the ship,...

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