Celebrity Branding: Creating More Brand Awareness

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Branding written report
How can celebrity branding contribute to creating more brand awareness? How can celebrity branding contribute to creating more brand awareness? Problem statement
This report will cover the subject celebrity branding and how this can contribute to creating more brand awareness. Celebrity branding is a well-known, worldwide and commonly used strategy, in which celebrities collaborate with a particular brand to promote a product or service. Celebrities can draw attention to a brand, create positive associations and shape perceptions in consumers heads, based on the knowledge consumers have about a certain celebrity. More and more companies have jumped on to this celebrity endorsement brandwagon these days, to achieve the purpose behind this strategy: creating more brand awareness. Methodology

Primary and secondary data have been used to write this report. However secondary data is mainly used in means of notes taken from the book ‘Strategic Brand Management- Keller’, online articles and data provided from the lecturer. Delimitation

This report does not cover celebrity branding within other industries than the Fashion industry. What can be advantages from using a celebrity branding strategy? Celebrity Branding has been used a numerous amount of times and therefore exists for quite a while already. The fact that it has been used this often is not without a reason. It can have a great effect on the visibility of the brand as well as on creating product relevance. A couple of important advantages from using a celebrity branding strategy will be given below. * The approval of a celebrity for a product or service can create a sense of trust for a brand among a target group. Especially in case of new products or services. * Celebrities ensure brand awareness at the target group, by making the brand more visible. * It can increase brand loyalty, in means of its celebrity fans trust; fans love their idols and therefore follow...
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