Celebrities, Brands and Product Placement

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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Celebrities, Brands and Product Placement.

It can be very easy to manipulate consumers into buying a certain product. Using celebrity recognition, brand reputation and product placement in stores, marketers can easily “sell” their ideas or products. Using celebrities in television commercials makes consumers more apt to buy or use a certain product. It deceives consumers into thinking that using this product will make their own lives as glamorous as say Paris Hiltons and Brad Pitts. Using product placement in stores can make people more likely to pay extra for a product when they can get the same one, or a similar one, for much less. Brand reputation is also very important. If advertisers can build up a good reputation, fake or otherwise, for a product or brand then that product is much more likely to succeed.

The media is the most effortless way for marketers to advertise. A very popular tactic to increase sales is to use a celebrity to endorse their product. Putting a celebrity’s face to a product keeps that product on peoples minds. Every time you see that star you will think of the product they represent. Many people believe that if a star is endorsing a product, it’s definitely something they believe in and use. For example, the television commercials for Proactiv Solution. Jessica Simpson and many other celebrities have been in them. Most of these stars probably haven’t used these products but their saying they have make more teens want to buy it. It makes the stars seem more real and “normal” and also makes the product they’re selling sound very good. If Jessica uses it then it must be the best you can buy because she can afford the best.

Product placement in stores is also a method that advertisers use to manipulate consumers. Stores place the higher priced merchandise on the shelves at eye-level. For example, if you’re looking to buy shampoo. The higher priced brands will be at your eye level and lower priced items will be placed on the lower...
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