Celebrities Blame Paparazzi

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  • Published : December 30, 2010
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You will be wondering why paparazzi follow celebrities. Paparazzi are everywhere, where celebrities are and celebrities are complaining that they don’t get enough privacy. Everyone says we should give some space to the celebrities and let them live their regular lives. Celebrities seem to always be blaming their lack of privacy on the paparazzi but it’s not the paparazzo’s fault. Celebrities go to places where they know the paparazzi will be there. Some celebrities don’t want personal information about them to be found by the paparazzi but they call the paparazzi to take photos or interview them about their lives. As well, Celebrities call ahead of time to let the paparazzi know where they are.

Celebrities go to places they know ahead of time that the paparazzi will be there. For example when Miley Cyrus was planning to go out for dinner with her friends and family members, she decided to go to Ivy restaurant in L.A. She knew that the paparazzi would be there no matter what, because this restaurant is known to have lots of celebrity customers. Why did she even decide to go there when she always complains that the paparazzi are following her everywhere she goes and she wants her privacy? In a way, the paparazzi are not following her, she is following them.

Some celebrities say that the paparazzi find out everything about their personal information but this is actually not true. For example, when Britney Spears told the paparazzi that her sister, was pregnant and everyone was in a shock that she was pregnant at 16 years old. Jamie Lynn Spears called the paparazzi and told the OK! Magazine, that you can take the pictures of my baby child when it is born. Is it the paparazzi fault? I think so not, because celebrities are always including the paparazzi in their life by themselves. OK! Magazine took a lot of pictures when the baby was born. She made a lot of money by just allowing the paparazzi to take photos of the new baby. Also, Robert Pattinson from the...
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