Celebrities as Role Models?

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Do Celebrities Have Ethical Responsibilities
To Set Good Examples For Young People?

Tiana Harrington
ENG 215: Research and Writing
Professor: Maryrose Kasraie
Date: Jan19th, 2012

Celebrities have an enormous impact and influence on the younger community. The young people follow the same trends as the celebrities and they try to speak in the same slang as some celebrities do. For instance, Nicki Minaj and the Young Money Management have a way of creating their own words in their lyrics. So now the majority of young people who support them use the same slang as well. Celebrities have dominated the television world with commercials, award shows, music videos, movies, cameo appearances, guest starring in sitcoms, realty t.v, and etc. You name it they've done it. It is vitally important for celebrities to set good examples while on the job because everyone is watching. Many people feel that in a celebrities private life, they shouldn't have to go the extra mile to put on a good face. It is their private life so technically it should be no one's concern what they do on their free time. But in fact, before a person becomes a celebrity, they know what is in store for them and the main thing being minimal to zero privacy. With the media and paparazzi on their heels, celebrities could never really have a private life. This is why they are obligated to set good examples all the time for young people striving to be like them.

First and foremost, yes, every human being should have their own privacy. But privacy and the amount of privacy an individual can have changes when that individual is in the public eye and everyone is watching their every move. It is crucial that these celebrities remain in a positive light because now a days young people are mimicking what they see on television. Celebrities and those in the public eye have a responsibility which few appear to...
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