Celebration of Black History Month.

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Should the celebration of Black History Months still be relevant and necessary in society? The celebration of Black History Month should not still be relevant in society. The very few times a black person that changed history is mentioned is during this one month. Why should a race be secluded to one month of appreciation? And why is it being singled out, why not just appreciate it throughout the year as any of the other races?

The very few times any black person that changed history is mentioned is during black history month. It is a month of the year that singles out a race for how much they have overcome all the odds when everything and everyone was against them, that just shows how much not equal they are. People act as if we need to give an entire race praise because of how we treated them in the past and then watched them build themselves back up. This is completely unjust and if one specific race gets praise, the other races should also receive praise because of the off balance it sets.

There is no need for the Black History Month, they have overcome a lot throughout the years but there’s no need to single them out and give them a month as if they need that to get through their day. Everyone knows how much they have overcome, we don’t need a month dedicated to them to realize that. There’s no need for any month dedicated to any race, they should just all be equal and respect each other for what they have overcome, but I do not see that happening any time soon, because people will always think they are better than others, that’s just how humans are, and until than they will always be injustice and prejudice.
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