Celebrating Nerdiness

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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Celebrating Nerdiness

1. Q: What is the purpose of this essay? A: The author discusses the misconceptions and stereotypes that society usually has about nerds as well as the real value of being a nerd. Q: Where does the author state the purpose of the essay? A: After reading the essay, it really did state the purpose. Q: Do you think this placement is effective? A: Why or why not? Q: How is the author defining “nerdiness”? A: The author is defining nerdiness by describing the trials and tribulations of his two sons and one daughter. Q: Where does he explain his definition, and is this placement effective? A: The author explains this in the middle of his essay. A: Why or why not? I think it was good placement because, Tom Rogers starts give us and outlook thru his children in the heart of his essay.

2. Using the list on pp. 250-251 in Wyrick, identify those strategies used by the author in order to clarify the definition. Q: For example, does he compare nerdiness to something else? A: The author doesn’t compare nerdiness to anything. Q: Does he use familiar synonyms for nerdiness? Does he illustrate what nerdiness is not (negation)? A: Yes he does, Tom Rogers explains this in the second and third paragraph. Q: Does he explain the etymology (history) of nerdiness? A: He explains this in the beginning of the essay. Q: Does the definition change from the beginning to the end of the essay? No it doesn’t change from the beginning to the end.
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