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Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher's birth place and birth date is still unknown but most people believe he was born in Canaan and his feast day is the 25th of July. Saint Christopher died in Asia Minor c.251. Saint Christopher is a saint because he was a ferryman carrying people across the river and one day a small boy came and he asked saint Christopher to please carry him across the river and when he was carrying the boy saint Christopher noticed that the boy was so heavy but didn't know the boy was our savior Jesus Christ and yet he still willed himself to do it and that's how he became a saint. The struggle that the saint had was trying to carry Jesus across the river because he weighed so much and he couldn't do it but he willed himself to do it and he accomplished his struggle. I choose this saint because if he has the will power to do what he did I am hoping that he can give me the will power to complete any task or struggle that I face in my life and with his guidance I can complete anything. I can relate to this saint because what he did was very brave of him and that if I was faced with caring our savior Jesus Christ across the river I would and also me and this saint share the same name. Some of the qualities this saint has that I would like to have is his strength and will power because with those two qualities anything is possible and nothing can stop you from completing anything.
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