Cedar Tech

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Cedar Tech
Cedar Technologies |
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Table of Contents
Synopsis 3
Chapter 1: Organization mission/Goals/Strategies………………………………………………..5 Chapter 2: Effective Organizational Culture……………………………………………………...6 Chapter 3: Motivating Employees 8
Chapter 4: Training and Diversity 12
Chapter 5: Organizational Structure and Design 15
Chapter 6: Communication Effectiveness 18
Chapter 7: Group Decisions 21
Chapter 8: Leadership Style and Development 24
Chapter 9: Empowerment Plan 27
Chapter 10: Building Group Teams 30
Chapter 11: Managing Change 32
References 35
Mount Cedar Technologies, Inc., also referred to as Cedar Tech, was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1995 by John Curtis and Frank Mathew. More than 80% of Cedar Tech’s business comes from customers within California while less than 20% comes from other states. The company started off as an importer and distributor of computer accessories such as computer cables, audio/video cables, surge protectors, etc. In 1998, the company added new products by becoming a provider of third party technology, including hardware, software and services to corporate customers including computer and networking accessories, computers, peripherals, printers, displays, printer consumables, and software. They also offered services such as installing hardware and peripherals into systems, provided standard and custom hardware configuration for personal computers (PCs), notebooks, printers and servers. By 2000, the company evolved into an IT infrastructure integrator specializing in hardware and software products, storage and security solutions, and technical services to enterprise, small and medium businesses, government, educational and medical institutions. Also in 2000, Cedar Tech acquired Denta Solutions of Los Angeles, a small solutions provider that specialized in IT storage. Cedar Tech began with only 6 employees in 1995 and grew to more than 170 employees by 2006. While the company grew, it lacked in organizational structure. Decision making was decentralized leading to loss of possible gains. Also, departments made decisions based on what was best for them instead of the organization as a whole. The CEO’s present leadership style was problematic and management felt he wasted much of their time when he showed up uninvited to meetings and threw questions at managers during these meetings. Managers had to focus mainly on financial measures and became too busy reacting to customer issues and problems and as a result Cedar Tech lost many talented employees because they felt underappreciated. Employees felt that the organization was task oriented, discouraged risk taking or empowerment, provided minimal training to new employees and lacked advancement of women and minorities. Chapter 1: Organization Mission Statement, Goals and Strategies Cedar Tech’s Goals

Management would like to create stability and increase the productivity of its people. They would also like to create an incentive plan and a formal recognition program to encourage creativity and productivity. Management would like employees to be highly motivated, highly skilled, entrepreneurial, team players, high performing, and committed individuals at all levels. In addition, they would like open communications at all levels and to make everyone aware of company goals and strategy. Management would like to create a development plan for CEO and other top leaders in order to lead the company more effectively. They would like to lead the company into a new structure that supports new corporate strategy and vision and reach their goals by instituting management through empowerment. They would like to encourage a flexible and playful environment that motivates creativity. Management would also like to initiate diversity training in order to encourage advancement of women and minorities within the company....
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