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2002-CE BIO


8.30 am – 10.00 am (1½ hours) This paper must be answered in English

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Attempt THREE questions only. Each question consists of three parts. All questions carry equal marks. In each question, 2 additional marks will be awarded for effective communication. The diagrams in this paper are NOT necessarily drawn to scale.

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2002-CE-BIO 1–1

1. (a)

Some plants can be propagated vegetatively using tissue culture. In this method, the culture medium is sterilized before use and it provides essential materials for plant growth. The diagram below shows an outline of an investigation involving tissue culture. The whole process is conducted in the presence of light.

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(i) (ii)

Sugar is one of the essential components of the culture medium. Explain why sugar must be added. (3 marks) Compare the genetic make-up of the daughter plants with that of the parent plant. Give a reason for your answer. (2 marks)

(iii) After several weeks, plant B showed signs of yellowing while plant A remained green. Based on the information provided, suggest an explanation for the yellowing of plant B. (3 marks) (iv) Give two advantages of this method of plant propagation over the propagation using seeds. (2 marks)

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1. (b)

The diagram below shows the human skeleton and two muscles of the right arm, M and N :

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Deficiency of vitamin D in childhood will lead to deformity of bones. (1) Using the letters in the diagram, indicate which part of the skeleton is most easily deformed. Explain your choice. (3 marks) Apart from diet, suggest another way by which the body gets vitamin D. (1 mark)

(2) (ii)

Why are muscles M and N described as an antagonistic (opposing) pair ? (1 mark)

(iii) Draw a diagram to show the lever system involved in lifting the right forearm. Indicate the positions of the load, the effort and the fulcrum in your diagram. In lifting the right forearm, what will form the load, the effort and the fulcrum respectively ? (5 marks)

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1. (c)

In a study, a healthy person and a person with diabetes mellitus fasted for 12 hours. They then stayed at rest in the same room and drank equal volumes of glucose solutions of the same concentration. Their blood glucose levels were measured immediately afterwards and at 30-minute intervals for three hours. The results are shown in the graph below :


What is the increase in the blood glucose level after 1 hour in (1) the healthy person, (2) the diabetic person ? (2 marks)


Explain why the healthy person had a smaller increase in blood glucose level in the first hour when compared with the diabetic person. (4 marks)

(iii) During the study, a larger volume of urine was produced by the diabetic person than the healthy person. Suggest an explanation for this. (4 marks) 2002-CE-BIO 1–6 −5− 保留版權 All Rights Reserved 2002

2. (a)

The following photograph shows a female condom while the diagram on the right shows the human female reproductive system :

(i) (ii)

The female condom is placed in A during sexual intercourse. How does the female condom contribute to contraception ? (2 marks) Give an example of an infectious disease that can be prevented by wearing the condom. (1 mark)

(iii) Another contraceptive method is to tie and cut both the oviducts. State whether or not menstruation will still occur in a young woman who has received this operation. Explain your answer with reference to the physiological processes involved. (4 marks) (iv) The following is a simplified...
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