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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Fifth Battalion Jamaica Combined Cadet Force

C/o Charlie Company, 3JR (NR) Foster Barracks, Mandeville

Star One Training Instructions References: A. JCCF APC Star 1 Syllabus.

General 1. The 5/JCCF is scheduled for Star 1 Examination on 25 May 2013. In an effort to increase the number of Star One (1) passes in the Battalion/Unit: It is the duty and responsibility of the respective Unit Commanders to ensure Cadets are properly trained at the Unit level. Cadets who do not achieve a pass in the Star One will have difficulty participating in Battalion/ Force events or gaining promotions.

Aim 2. To prepare Cadet Other Ranks at the JCCF APC Star 1 standard.

Contents 3. a. b. c. d. e. Star 1 Map Reading Training Manual Star 1 Field Craft Training Manual Training Material – Maps 5/JCCF Star 1 and 2 Map Reading Training Outline Guide 5/JCCF Star 1 and 2 Field Craft Training Outline Guide

Training 4. Training is to be conducted in the following areas: a. Map Reading b. Field Craft c. Drill – Practical

Qualification 5. Cadets Other Ranks who have passed JCCF APC Star Recruit Test.

Training Material 6. Attached, please find the Star 1 Training Manuals and Maps. The Star Training Outline Guide is included and should be used to structure Training Programmes and Training Activities.

Training Camps/Activities 7. i. Company Commanders/Unit Commanders are required to and responsible for: Organize training activities to ensure that the relevant material is covered and that the Cadets are adequately prepared for the Star Test. The Planning, Administration and Logistics for any such planned activities, including the preparation for the location of the examination. Submit the necessary request and supporting documents in accordance with established protocols.



Training Assistance 8. The Battalion HQ will facilitate Companies/Units requiring assistance with training in preparation for the Star Examination. The request of personnel is to be...
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