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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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I worked in the E-space Co. for power systems, a one of the biggest companies in that field from September 2002-may 2006 as head of power systems maintenance Engineer. This episode describes my duties at this position dealing with the major projects that executed by my company.

Episode Name: solving of the harmonics problem (locking of the computers and malfunctions equipments in pharmaceutical factory)

Date and Duration: June 2003

Location: Mid pharma for pharmaceutical products.

Employing Organization: E-space Company

Position Occupied: head of power systems maintenance Engineer


1.2.1The project was planned as a response for the application which presented to us by the factory reporting us that there is a fully locking of the computers and the malfunction equipments in the factory.

1.2.2We believed that it would take intensive and combined efforts from all the departments to come up with positive results so, the Chief Engineers decided to have a team consisting of: - power engineers, computer engineers and technicians.

1.2.3Numbers of employees were nominated to be in the project team, and they had been examined to verify their qualifications and experience. The chosen nominees had a number of skills like:

* General knowledge about the concepts of power engineering * Able to direct, coordinate, motivate and prompt management and staff. * High enthusiasm and ability to manage projects in co-operation with other departments. * Demonstrate their ability to accomplish tasks successfully through others and using one-on-one contact. * Pro-active, results oriented and able to arrive at a conclusion or decision after evaluation of the information gathered from all the team. * Comfortable working with numbers, electrical concepts and circuits and able to quickly interpret them, as part of the decision making process. * Able to act quickly and, quickly comprehend the new data...
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