Cda Goals

Topics: Hygiene, Child abuse, Nutrition Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: March 2, 2013
CDA Competency Goal 1

To establish and maintain a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment Functional Area 2: Healthy


Maintain indoor and outdoor environments that promote wellness and reduce the spread of disease.

Helping children develop habits that promote good hygiene and nutrition.

Recognize and reporting child abuse and neglect Activities:

I understand that it is important to teach children in my care as well as their parents to be healthy means to get the proper rest, eat healthy foods, promote good hygiene, and learn how to socialize. I encourage the children to rest after activities or play. I remind their parents that children should go to bed the same time each night.

I have children wash their hands before and after eating. I let them help wash table before and after meals and let them help set up the table. We make brushing teeth fun. Not only do I wash my hands before and after helping a child use the toilet, I have the children wash their hands as well. I keep tissues around for runny noses.

I look for signs of physical or mental abuse. If I find signs, I contact the appropriate authorities. First, my supervisor, make a written report and then call Child Protective Services, if need be. I also look for signs of illness, and call the parents to pick up the child if the child is sick. I keep the parent's phone number handy or the person they gave me to call in case of an emergency. I update the phone number often to make sure they are current.
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