Cda Goal 1

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Competency Goal I
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

Functional Area 1: Safe

There are many tasks I, as a preschool teacher, do to establish and maintain a safe learning environment. Classroom and playground rules are posted and reviewed daily. I give the children basic safe vs. non safe scenario’s to help them understand safety. Basic first aid kit is always available and I am first aid certified. I make sure that all toys and classroom furniture are in good and safe conditions for the children to play with and remove ones that could become a safety hazard. All cleaning supplies are kept in a high cabinet locked with key out of reach of children. The center does regular inspections for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency exit signs. Emergency evacuation, as well as phone numbers, is kept by each door by telephone. Children are always supervised and accounted for using a transition sheet. I am always quick to cater to a child’s need when they get injured whether it be first aid or just a hug.

Functional Area 2: Healthy

In order to keep a healthy learning environment, I start every morning and activity off by having the class wash their hands using the proper washing techniques to reduce spread of germs. All foods that are served are FDA approved and the serving sizes are age appropriate. Water is offered throughout the day to keep the children hydrated (especially in Florida). Positive food choices are promoted by having pictures posted in the house keeping area. The children get two 30 minute playtimes each day or an indoor large motor activity if the weather is bad. There is a bleach water solution that is used to sanitize toys, table tops and classroom furniture throughout the day. I follow all health department guidelines throughout the day and at rest time. The cots are sanitized daily and are never shared between children. Help is provided during mealtime, toileting and hand washing...
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