Cda Competency Goal 4

Topics: Family, Childhood, Son Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 7, 2011
As an early childhood professional, it is my responsibility to establish positive and productive relationships with the families of the children I care for. Since the parents entrust the wellbeing of their children to me, it is important that they feel as though they are not only an active part of their children’s lives when away, but also an active member in the development of their child. In order to be successful at this, I will maintain an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child's family. By inviting the parents to visit and volunteer as often of possible, I will be able to build a trusting relationship. This type of relationship both encourages the child’s relationship with their family, and my relationship with the family. I will maintain and update monthly progress reports in order to make the family aware of what their child is learning and what they might need to work on. My progress reports will be based on DAP, in which I will also make available to the family. By involving the family in the progress of their children, I am able to reassure the families that their children are progressing accordingly, developing appropriately, and in safe and caring hands. It is vitally important to support the child’s relationship with their parents. When the relationship between a child and their family is strained, due to childcare issues, the child may feel less comfortable at the childcare. For example, when a mother of a little boy feels left out of her son’s development due to her work schedule and the amount of time he spends at daycare, she become stresses every time she drops her son off at daycare. The son goes into daycare feeling the stress of his mother and becomes anti-social, preventing him from developing emotionally and socially. If that mother was actively, or invited to participate in his care, through progress repots or volunte4er work, she may feel less alienated preventing her stress and anxiety. Thus preventing her son...
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