Cda Comp Goal 1

Topics: Play, Hygiene, Learning Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Stephanie Cross
Competency Goal 1

To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

A safe and healthy learning environment is necessary for young children in the classroom. One goal in our functional area for safeness is to prevent and reduce injuries and still have a learning environment that is helpful to the children learning in their own safe and healthy environments.

Young infants are places on their backs when sleeping. The cribs are always clear of toys, blankets, and/or anything that could cause suffocation. Also blankets are thin quilts so the infants cannot get too caught up in them. Infants that are moving are kept safe by staying in an area where only toys for their age are available. This includes no toys that are small enough to put into their mouths and swallow. Toys are checked at night and then again in the morning for broken parts and/or if smaller toys made their way over to their toys.

Infants here are kept safe by always have a teacher with them in their designated play area. Also the teachers are to show children how to play with the toys nicely and not to throw them. Other things are to show them to walk not run and we sit in chairs not play on them.

Infants are told to be healthy aware at all times. Caregivers are to always show to wash hands before and after all diaper changes as well as clean the changing counter. Gloves are also worn by caregivers during the whole process. Infants that are mobile are kept healthy by employees sanitizing toys every day. Toys that have been in the mouth of an infant will be put into a tub for later cleaning so it can be bleached. Other toys are to be wiped down with sanitizing wipes. Our meals and snacks are always planned with the food pyramid in mind. All children will sit down and have good manners that are molded by older children. Children are also encouraged to eat new foods.

Infants that are not mobile have...
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