Cda Class

Topics: Learning, Nutrition, Toddler Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 1, 2012
Chanae Butler
March, 12, 2012
CDA Class

Competency Goal I
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment Safe
Young Infants:
To have a safe environment for infants it is very important that you keep objects out of there cribs. Make sure all swings are safe and stable. Also be very sure to keep all tummy time objects clean. Try to keep them safe and close from mobile infants. Mobile Infants:

I keep mobile infants safe by keeping all small choking objects off the floor. Make sure that all outside play areas are free of contraband and debris. Always stay close to the children to keep them from being hurt or from hurting one another. Always keep all hazardous substances locked away in cabinets away from view and reach of the children. Toddlers:

I always hold the child’s hand while outside on nature walks. I will teach children appropriate ways to interact with one another. Teach them how to safely use their classroom equipment such as bikes, tricycles, cars, books, etc. Healthy

Young Infants:
I will always keep infants formula up to date. Be sure to empty all bottles after thirty minutes of not being used. I will be sure to have all of your children’s most recent immunization records on file. I will always make sure all of your children eat on an appropriate schedule. I will properly sanitize all toys that children may put in their mouths to eliminate germs.

Mobile Infants:
I will always make sure each meal contains a fruit, vegetable, protein, milk and bread. Whenever possible I will try to have fresh fruits and vegetables. I will have menus posted for all parents to see in multiple languages if necessary.

I will begin teaching my children about good nutrition. I will always give them various choices of fruits and vegetables. If I have children that are vegetarians, I will find and learn the special requirements to prepare a nutritious vegetarian meal.

Learning Environment
Young Infants:
I will make sure I have...
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