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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada and was fortunate to be educated in an excellent system. During my undergraduate program I was hired by Digital, then the world’s second largest technology company and I completed my B.Com and M.B.A. degrees while advancing my IT career. At 23 I was relocated to Montreal which began my journey working around the world. I facilitated over 100 workshops and developed several training courses which I believe set the stage for my love of teaching.

I lost my mom to cancer in 1988 which imprinted me with a determination to create a holistic environment for my family and share this knowledge. In 2000 founded Atlantis Natural ( with the mission of raising children in a natural environment as free as possible of toxins, using organic and whole food sources, and making use of the Earth’s remedies. I am on the Board of the non-profit educational organization Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare where I was honored as member of the year in 2010. I fully intend to do whatever I can so that no child must endure the pain of the premature loss of a parent due to health reasons.

I currently lead enrichment classes for children in art, cooking and nutrition, volunteer at Miami-Dade Public Schools teaching children about healthy eating choices, and oversees the children’s enrichment program at Atlantis Natural including supervising teachers in art, dance, nutrition, cooking, meditation, yoga and the summer camp program.

My passion in working with young children is to provide them the knowledge and tools to lead a healthy, balanced life. Children are so much more in tune with their bodies than adults often give them credit for and my goal is to educate parents and kids on making good health choices.
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