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Topics: Milton model, Richard Bandler, Milton H. Erickson Pages: 17 (6694 words) Published: May 22, 2013

Patterns Of Excellence CD 8 – The Milton Model
By Adam Khoo

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© 2007 All Rights Reserved. Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd Welcome to the CD on the Milton Model. In the CD, you will learn and reinforce your concepts on the Milton Model and the language patterns of influence. It is strongly recommend that you do not listen to this particular CD while driving or operating machinery. If you are, please stop the CD now. I do not know about you, but the way we use our language actually affects our state of mind. Most of you remember the power of words that Adam spoke about in the earlier part of the program. As you continue to notice the power of language and how it affects our state, you can also begin to realize that the words you used can be structured in a way that allows you to create maximum influence through something called the Milton Model. Milton Erickson has been known in the world of psychotherapy to be one of the most powerful users of language. Richard Bandler himself is a perfect example of how the language patterns of Milton Erickson can be learnt and taught in an effective manner that allows you to learn, really learn. During my training with Richard, I noticed the power of his tonality. He simply lowered his voice, drove it all the way down, in a way that allow the resonance of his voice to carry through you as if something was vibrating on your skin. But he did not do it all the time. Some of the time, he will be cracking some silly joke or relating some really funny experiences. And I remember that there was one guy named John Mory, whom he brought up in an exercise as a demonstration subject. The first thing I noticed was the way he turned his voice to such a deep, resonant tone, that as he spoke to John, he went, “So, when was the last time you really felt good about yourself?” See, John was a big, black guy and was a personal trainer. His wife was in the training room too. John looks blankly at his wife and as Richard notices that going on, he goes, “Oh, I see that look before.” And the entire room began to laugh. Richard goes, “Alright, so where does that feeling began?” And we all just burst into laughter. John is smiling feverishly as he points down there. And Richard says, “Mm, I should have known!” And as laughter begins to settle down, Richard says, “Close your eyes. Now as you allow yourself to float down, deeper into an absolute state of relaxation, with a whitening intensity, you may decide to fully and completely imagine yourself feeling that spot of pleasure beginning to build.” And as you notice that spot of pleasure beginning to build, I I want you to know this, “How much further you can go into different parts of your life and start to make this feeling expand further and further, and further still.” © 2007 All Rights Reserved. Adam Khoo Learning Technologies...
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