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Topics: Attack, Family, Explanation Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Should house break in's have an end?From my point of view they should.I will most certainly explain to you and state my reasons resulting to my desicion.The reasons include: the issue becoming more common,peoples lives lost leaving families in mourn and lastly when they've found the attacker there is alot of despicable aftermath.

The first reason leading to my decison of break ins having an end is that is becoming a widely and commonly spoken abot issue.This issue is not just occuring in just one country or place in the world but is occuring in all countries both developing and developed.These actions occur without the knowing of police and other organisations unless they are reported.The main issue about breakins is that families both young and old can't feel safe and protected knowing that such unbelievable and devestating crimes are occuring just infront of their doorstep.They in most cases feel scared andterrified and in most countries laws are made to enssre that know ladynleaves theirhouse without a man.My next point will talk about the effects of this.

Once a family has been broken into in their house and have been attacked that's when the lack of privacy begins as I had previously explained will begin.Family members in most cases are lost and belongins are broken and stolen from their houses.The families don't care about their belongings but care about their injured or past away family member.From then investigations begin.The results lead to something bigger as I will further more explain in my next point.

Lastly,after the investigation is completed and they have found a suspect or alledged attacker,the family is told and asked about what they wouldnprefer to become the next step.Among the people of their city that person will become rejected and untrusted to relatives and people. If the attacker is related to the attacked family ,disputes begin,town wars and even vandalism.The relatives of people aree alerted and there begins the wars that...
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