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Establishing and implementing CCTV in your local area
This tip sheet sets out information that will help communities to conduct a needs analysis and create a plan for the appropriate use of CCTV in their local area. It also outlines the basic implementation issues that need to be thought through in deciding where to place CCTV, what kinds of systems might be the most useful and what the cost implications are. Evaluation is also addressed in this tip sheet.

Prepared in partnership with the Australian Institute of Criminology

tip sheet 6

Establishing and implementing CCTV in your local area

Initial steps establishing CCTV as a crime prevention strategy Before establishing CCTV as a crime prevention strategy in a local area, the following steps are recommended: n n n

ananalysisoflocalcrimeshouldbeundertaken establishwhetherCCTVisoneofanumberofmeasuresthatarerequiredtoaddresscriminal activityand/orfearofcrime establishclearobjectivesaboutwhyaCCTVsystemisneededto: effectivelypreventorreducecrimeintheareaundersurveillance(adeterrentforpotential offenders) – improvesenseofsafetyforgeneralpublicinthearea – providingevidencethatidentifiesoffendersandevents involvealocalcrimepreventionorsafetycommittee undertakecommunityconsultationbefore,duringandafterplanningandinstallation. identifythepotentialpoliceroleandinterestandcapacityforinvolvement.Itisimportant toengagethepeoplewhowillusethesysteminthebeginningoftheplanningphase.Police particularlyneedtobeinvolvedastheywillbeaskedtorespondtoincidents,tosupply intelligenceforinstallationandtomakeuseoftheimagescollectedforevidenceforprosecution later.

n n n

If possible, an initial trial of a CCTV system should be conducted. The trial may indicate if you need to modify or correct any problems.

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