Topics: Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, Chinese language Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Kevin Rudd
By: Zakaria Hassan

Kevin Michael Rudd was on 21 September 1957. He was born in the town nambour, Queensland. He was raised in a dairy farm. He was born with a sister named Jessica who is younger than him. His parents names are Albert and Margaret Rudd. Kevin lived in a family of four people including him.

When he was the age of five years he suffered a medical condition called rheumatic fever. The fever was so bad that he had to spend a lot of time at his home. The fever also caused a lot of damage and sickness to him. It damaged his heart and caused so much pain that a young child could not handle. After two years later the fever went away. The hospital doctors said that he had recovered this medical condition and he was completely fine and was able to start school in Nambour State Primary School.

When Kevin Rudd was 11 years old his father Albert Rudd passed away on the way to a road trip. His father was a country party member in Nambour. Kevin was so sad of his father’s death so did his mum and sister. Then the Rudd family had to move out of their home because of financial difficulty after the death. Two years later his mother became a nurse and then she moved the family back to their old house in Nambour. Then Kevin went back to primary school went back to primary school and so did his sister. He described the school as harsh and unforgiving due to father’s death.

At the age of 15 Rudd attended Marist college ashgrove in Brisbane. The school wasn’t the right school for him because it was a catholic school. In 1979 he went back to nambour and studied at nambour state high school. In the same year of schooling he won the Queensland rotary award for youths speaks of Australia’s public contest. Then after 3 years of high school Rudd then attended Australian national university and graduated with first class honors in arts ( Asian studies ). He studied very well and was interested in Chinese language and Chinese history. He also...
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