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We are from Eye-to-Eye Sdn Bhd, helping you to improve safety measures by installing CCTV is our highest priority. We are glad to submit the following proposal outlining our plan to help more effectively reduce the criminal rate and enhance the safety and security measures by installing Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV). Background and purpose

From the conversation, we understand that your company, Wangsa Ria Sdn Bhd has planned to install and enhance the security measures by installing CCTV for the upcoming Wangsa Ria Shopping Mall which will be completed in September 2013. Eye-to-Eye Sdn Bhd, had 21 years of experiences in helping small or large businesses and companies to specially customize and install the CCTV based on their preferences. We do offer a comprehensive service, for everyone from the best and higher quality security for the largest commercial client to the personal and dedicated service for our smallest domestic customer. Therefore, it is sure that every of our customer in our record is satisfied with our CCTV installation progress and result. Our innovative and dedication would help your company to specially customize and install the CCTV in order to suit for your Shopping Mall’s needs. Our range of services and expertise means that you are in safe hands. Moreover, we are delivering top notch local service with cutting edge equipment by charging honest price to our customers and we have many satisfied customers throughout 13 states and federal territories. In addition, they are always happy to be contacted for a reference. Eye-to-Eye Sdn Bhd has an excellent reputation and we have sourced the best and most trustworthy network of suppliers in Malaysia and Overseas. Staffing

Eye-to-Eye Sdn Bhd is a well-established CCTV installer in Malaysia. We are having 21 years of experiences in the Safety and Security industry. We have assigned the CCTV installation project for the Wangsa Ria Shopping Mall to Dato Seri Lim Yi Jun, our...

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