Ccot of Internal Relations in Americas 1900-1990

Topics: World War II, United States, Cold War Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Changes and Continuities in America from 1900 -1990

During the 20th century, many international relationships changed throughout the world. America, for example, experienced changes and continues throughout this time. America’s relations changed with the USSR after World War II from allies to enemies, the US’s controlling relations with Cuba to enemies, and the United States position to global power. Even though the Unites States of America had many changes, there were some things that stayed the same. Some things that stayed the same were America’s goal of spreading Capitalism, America’s good relations with west Europe, and America’s independence from other countries. During the 19th century, America experienced changes in its international relations with other nations. During WWII, the United States and Russia were allies, but after the war ended, they turned their backs on each other. After the war, Europe is in ruins. they were in debt from borrowing money, many Europeans died, and their government was kinda unstable. The US send help form the marshal plan and helps the west. When the US tries to help the east part of Europe, the USSR puts their foot down. The USSR doesn’t allow America, the capitalist, to help the land that was once theirs, the communist. Tension soars and it’s the start of the cold war. Another change is in America’s relationship with Cuba. During the cold war, America and the USSR were trying to spread their ideology to places faster than the other. When Cuba’s dictator, Batista, is expelled from power by Fidel Castro, the US is angry. They like having control over Cuba, but when Castro took over, he ripped that power from America. Wanting the power back, the US tries to overthrow Castro, but fails, pushing the once capitalist island to communism. The USSR, wanting to support and help the growing communism, gave nuclear missiles to Cuba. This enraged and scared the US. The US blocaded Cuba with ships and almost attacked until...
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