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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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CCOT Essay
Like many parts of the world the Middle East experienced different changes and continuities during the pre classical period. While political structure changed in the Middle East from 10,000 to 600 B.C.E, class structure remained the same. The political structure changed in the Middle East from 10,000 to 600 B.C.E. These changes were primarily a result of the conquest of the Babylonians. The Middle East was particularly difficult to defend as it had no natural barriers. As a result the Samarians fell to the Akkadians. Later, the Babylonians invaded and expanded their own empire thus bringing civilization to other parts of the Middle East. The Babylonian King and military leader, Hammurabi ruled the former Akkadians and changed their code of law. Hammurabi’s new code, “An eye for an eye” stated that the punishment given should fit the crime that was committed. Although located on the same continent, this process of change in the political structure of the Middle East was different from changes in East Asia. When the Shang Dynasty was invaded it caused cultural decline rather than political gain. The Class structure remained the same in the Middle East from 10,000 to 600 B.C.E. Most of the Middle East consisted of fertile farm land perfect for growing wheat and barley. Kings and nobles owned large pieces of this land which needed to be worked by slaves. Therefore, these land owners needed to maintain a high number of slaves. They did so by often going to war and capturing prisoners forcing them into slavery. Many slaves however were able to earn money and buy their own freedom. This process of change in class structure in the Middle East was similar to that in North Africa where slaves were also used as farmhands as well as the builders who constructed large monuments for the pharaoh. In the Middle East from 10,000 to 600 B.C.E class structure remained almost exactly the same but due to frequent invasions, political structure changed dramatically as...
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